About Us

In the early 1850’s my GREAT GREAT GRANDFATHER was raising a Family in South Philadelphia. He worked for a local meat packing plant and while working one day he created a mixture of ground beef for a Hamburger that is still the same recipe that we use today at DANNY’S.

A DANNY BURGER starts with mayonnaise and mustard spread on the bun bottom, several crunchy hoops of raw onion follow, onto which is plopped ketchup, whose sweetness below deactivates the sting of the onion. The ketchup is covered with dill pickle slices, their puckery tang balances the sweetness below. Next come the thick slices of beefsteak tomato, echoing the ketchup, then a large mound of shredded lettuce.
Dannys All American DinerThe grilled HAMBURGER PATTY is set on top of the tower of garnishes and condiments so its juices seep down through them (cheese and other menu items are popular options above the beef).

Finally the bun top is applied. This recipe has stood the test of time and DANNY’S hopes that your BURGER experience will be a “TASTY ONE”.